FAQ – ETA Australia


ETA or eVisitor?

The Australian visa ETA, or eVisitor is visas of short time for stays of less than 3 months, booked to the people who make tourism, who studies or who goes on a trip of business to Australia.

What an electronic authorization of travel ETA?

The ETA visa is an electronic visa delivered by the Australian government. So certain nationalities can require this visa online, it is not the case of the nationals of the European Union. However, you can ask for this visa from our advisors in agencies.

This visa addresses to the people who wish to make of the tourism in Australia, either who go to the Australian territory for a professional purpose. These business trips include conferences, negotiations or appointments: you cannot thus ask for the ETA if you work for an Australian company.

ETA is valid during one year starting from the date of obtaining the visa, and authorizes you to remain 3 months maximum in Australia, with complete freedom of entry and exit.

What an electronic authorization of travel E-VISITOR?

The visa eVisitor is an electronic visa delivered by the Australian government. It is a visa that you apply for on-line, on the site of the Australian Department of Immigration.

The eVisitor addresses to the nationals European Union and of Switzerland who wish to go to Australia to make tourism, visit their family or for a business trip. This business trip can include conferences, negotiations or the professional appointments. You can also study or carry out a internship in Australia with the eVisitor, for 3 months maximum.

The eVisitor is valid during one year as from the date of obtaining the visa. You can pass 3 months a maximum stay in Australia, and you can enter and leave with complete freedom the country with this visa.

What is the difference between the ETA and the EVISITOR?

THE ETA and the eVisitor are the same visas in the contents and the duration of validity:

Only the approaches  of obtaining are different.

The eVisitor is an electronic visa you apply for on-line on the site of the Australian Department of Immigration. You will have to completely fill an English form, and which is fairly complex.

At the end of the procedure, you will not be able to check seized information, with the risk to leave errors in the form online. These errors can be corrected, but you will have to call the Australian service of immigration in London. In short, unless being bilingual, the eVisitor is not very advantageous.

ETA is also an electronic visa, but the request cannot be done online for the nationals of the European Union.

What is the processing time of the ETA?

Generally, we handle, approve visas and send you the confirmation under a few hours. According to the time zone, the hour of the day, and when we have all information of your passport, that can take up to 24 hours (maximum).

Must I have a plane ticket before the purchase of an ETA?

No, no need to organize your transport before asking for an ETA. If you travel by boat or by plane, make your request for ETA constantly, before or after having bought your tickets.

Do I have to make a new ETA request, each time I go to Australia?

An ETA allows multiple travels in Australia, as long as the maximum duration of each stay is lower than 3 months or 90 days.

If you leave for another country, then you can return to Australia as long as your ETA and your passport are always valid. However, It belongs to the civils servant of immigration to determine if you try to circumvent the system, we thus recommend you to contact an embassy if you are in this case.

What to make if my visit in Australia exceeds the 3 months?

You will need to ask for a visa which allows a longer stay (6-12 month) from an Australian Office of immigration near to on your premise. A tourist visa (of subcategory 600) can be a good alternative if you plan to stay more than 90 days, but you will have to pay a much higher sum.

If you think that it is not very probable that you go to stay in the country more than 3 months, you can begin with an ETA, then ask for an extension of tourist visa (subcategory 600) and extend your stay while you are already in Australia. It is enough to keep in mind that the pricing and the rules evolve permanently.

Do I have to request an ETA for my baby, who does not exceed a year?

Yes, all the travellers originating in countries aimed by ETA, their age does not matter, they must obtain an ETA to enter to Australia.

What should I do if my passport is about to expire?

If your passport is about to expire (in less than 6 months), you should verify with the embassy of Australia if you are always authorized to visit the country. Your best option is possibly to obtain a new passport.

An ETA is valid 12 months from the date on which it is granted or until the expiration date of your passport, at the first fallen date.

What are the conditions required to ask for an ETA?

The first requirement to require an ETA is the obligation to have a passport. The number of your passport is indeed necessary to be able to make a visa application. Will know that your passport must be valid 6 months after the date of return: if it expires front, think of renewing it before your departure.

This visa is addressed to the people who want to go to Australia for a touristic or professional aim. You cannot thus make the request of an ETA visa if you work for an Australian company or if you sell goods and services in the public. Each traveller must have an ETA visa, including the minors registered on one of the passports of their parents.

Other methods should be taken into account to require an ETA visa:

  • Being in good health: you should not have tuberculosis.
  • To have a good health insurance: all the medical expenses should be with your load in Australia (link towards the subject of the insurances)
  • To have his return ticket while arriving to Australia, or to have the required funds to finance it.
Do I have to print acceptance e-mail of ETA?

It is not necessary to print the confirmation, but it can certainly help the airline company find your visa in the system of immigration during the recording at the airport. We insist on the fact that it is optional to print it because your visa is electrically stored in the systems of immigration and airline companies.

What to make if I were condemned penally?

You should not be condemned penally to a sorrow or sorrows (purged or not) for a total duration of 12 months or more at the time of the stay or entry in Australia.

If you were condemned penally and that worries you, it is preferable to ask a tourist visa of subcategory 600.